More than oysters and lobsters

Shellfish & Deli

Whilst our prime focus is on oysters and lobsters, we also sell a range of live shellfish, smoked fish and deli items and a wide range of frozen shellfish. As with our oysters and lobsters, these too are always of the finest quality and sourced directly from other shellfish farmers where possible.

Live & Fresh Shellfish

Live Shellfish

We have a regular supply of hand dived scallops from the Isle of Skye delivered to us overnight ready to be in your kitchen the following day. These delicious scallops are just one of the types of live shellfish we have at the fishery and have found their way into the hands of some of the most respected chefs in the country.

We pride ourselves on only supplying the finest seafood and where possible buying direct from other fisheries so that the freshest, best quality seafood is placed into your hands too.

Our regular stock of live shellfish includes langoustines and mussels from Scotland, cockles and palourdes from the South West and hard shell clams from our own river here on Mersea.

If you are looking for something special, then please get in touch, we are confident that we will be able to source what you are looking for.

Crabs from cornwall and cromer

Crabs – live, dressed & meat

Our live crabs and crab meat comes from the South West; delicious Cornish Brown Crab in a range of sizes. Our crab meat is handpicked so the white meat is still nice and flaky and the brown meat is straight from the shell, it’s not been blended or mixed with anything, just delicous crab meat.

Our dressed crabs come from Cromer in Norfolk. The meat is handpicked and placed in cleaned crab shells giving you a good mix of white and brown meat in two size options.

If you want to dress your own crabs, we also sell crab shells, so you can cook and pick your own large crabs or use our crab meat to make dressed crabs to your own specification.

prepped & ready to cook

Fresh Shellfish

Our most popular fresh shellfish has to be our hand-dived scallops, but, when hand dived scallops are out of budget we have Scottish roe-on scallop meat, XL and medium or if you require a smaller scallop, we have Scottish queenie scallop meat. If your dish doesn’t require the roe, then we have a roe less scallop option too. Whatever your dish or budget needs, we will have a scallop for you.

Another stock item is brown shrimp, if you prefer the shell on, we can source those for you too.

We can source any fresh shellfish for your menu, razor clams, fresh langoustine, sea urchins please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Kitchen staples 

Smoked Fish & Deli

We have our premium sherry soaked smoked salmon, we also have our very good smoked salmon, both are delicious, but with a choice you can select the salmon that suits your dish and your budget.

We also stock smoked mackerel, trout, kippers, cod’s roe and a delicious locally smoked haddock. Our other deli staples include Maldon salt, anchovies in oil or garlic, fish roes, edible seaweed and sea herbs when in season.

only the best

Frozen Shellfish

To compliment our live and fresh shellfish we offer a wide range of frozen shellfish and fish. We have an extensive range of prawns; wild Argentinian reds, whole tigers, RPD, crevettes, shell-on and peeled in a variety of sizes and specifications. We stock only the best brands with the minimum amount of glaze.

Other frozen options include octopus, squid, langoustine, whitebait, seabass, haddock and cod. To see our full range of frozen seafood, please get in touch and request a price list.

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Colchester Oyster Fishery

Nestled on the edge of Pyefleet Creek, the Colchester Oyster Fishery has been supplying the finest seafood since 1966. However, our oyster beds have been in use since Roman times, when Colchester was the capital of Britain.

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